Fox News Channel

The following blogs Erin Vogel-Fox wrote for Fox News Channel. 

White House:

Guess Who’s Sitting with the First Lady at the State of the Union

White House Prepares an Elegant Night to Remember for President Hu Jintao

White House, DOD Dismiss Asia Trip’s Rumored Price Tag

Trick-or-Treating, White House Style

Election Politics:

Obama Doesn’t Pass Sununu’s Lemonade Test

Romney’s Son Hopes to Show Voters the “Real Mitt”

Gas Prices & Auto Jobs At the Heart of Michigan’s Primary

2012 Hopeful Paul Predicts America’s Bankruptcy

Barbour says it’s too Early to Endorse

Sabato: Democratic Redistricting Could Lead to Political Bloodshed

“Purple for the People” Slurpee Unity Tour Arrives in D.C.

Capitol Hill:

House Armed Services Chair McKeon: Drone program ‘fully within the law’

McCain to travel to Egypt to resolve dispute over U.S. rights workers

Tempers Flare at Town Hall Meeting as Congressman Discusses Potential Shutdown

International Politics:

Israeli Ambassador calls for “credible military threat” against Iran

Fmr. Homeland Security Sec Ridge calls for Regime Change in Iran


Fmr Gov. Barbour: June Jobs Report ‘Abysmal’

General Assignment:

Catholic University Faces Lawsuit over Same-sex Dorms

Perkins Calls For Civil Debate on Conservative Family Values