News 21 Investigative Fellowship

News 21’s “Voting Wars” project has recently won an Editor and Publisher 2016 EPPY award, Edward R Morrow Student Award, and IRE investigative award for our in-depth look at voting rights.

These investigative stories were produced during a period of eight months with the News21: Carnegie-Knight Initiative. As an investigative reporter and producer, I pitched, researched, filmed, wrote, and produced stories from start to finish. Three of my stories were published by News21 and picked up by a verity of partnering news organizations such as The Washington Post, Stars and Stripes, AZ Central, Arizona Capitol Times, Center for Public Integrity, and NonDoc. The full list is included below:

“Why tracking military ballots can be complicated and confusing”

Published in the following publications:

  1. The Washington Post
  2. Stars and Stripes 
  3. Tucson Sentinel
  4. Non Doc
  5. The Center for Public Integrity
  6. Cronkite News/ Arizona PBS
  7. Arizona Daily Independent
  8. Standard Examiner 
  9. Just Say News

“Native Americans continue to battle for voting equality in court. Struggling for equal access to the ballot box”

Published in the following publications:

  1. AZ Central
  2. Non Doc
  3. ABC Action News (Tampa, Florida)
  4. 23 ABC News (Bakersfield, California)
  5. NBC 26 (Green Bay, Wisconsin) 
  6. Denver ABC 7 News (Denver, Colorado)
  7. ABC 5 News (Cleveland, Ohio)
  8. Fox 4 Now News (Fort Myers, Florida)
  9. KJRH 2 NBC News (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  10. RTV 6 ABC News (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  11. HOT 104.5FM (Knoxville, Tennessee)
  12. The New 106.7FM The River (Springfield, Missouri)
  13. TALK 1170AM Radio (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  14. Arizona Daily Independent
  15. Investigation West
  16. Voting News, A Verified Voting Foundation 
  17. Indian Country Today Media Network

“Arizona’s Online Voting System Makes It Easy for Military Personnel to Cast Their Vote”

Published in the following publications:

  1. Tucson Sentinel
  2. Cronkite News/ Arizona PBS