Segment Production

These are some of the segments I produced while working for Fox News Channel. You can watch these clips below or visit my YouTube channel.

Interview with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers on September 22, 2013

Still photograph video compilation I produced for Fathers Day in 2013. Pictures were of our show team and their parents.

My last show on “America’s News HQ” the staff gave me a special tribute on air. (Date: June 8, 2014)

A segment I produced on the worlds first bionic man. The bionic man was displayed at an event at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

This was part of a science and emerging technologies reoccurring series I created for our program called “21st Century and Beyond.” This segment was about the deep space industry’s mission to harvest energy and fuel from passing astroids.

In creating this reoccurring holidays series, my goal was highlight charities and organizations that give back to communities on a local and national scale. I pitched the series, booked the segment and worked with graphic artists to help design the over all look. This series ran each Sunday, beginning before the Thanksgiving holiday and continuing to the Sunday before the new year. This segment was on the Red Crosses efforts after hurricane Sandy.

Troops Need You founder Eric Egland joins us for our “Holiday Helping” segment. His charity works to provide troops overseas with supplies needed during battle.

This was another “Holiday Helping” segment with the Washington Humane Society.

This “Holiday Helping” segment featured the Boys and Girls Club of America and their nationwide outreach efforts. This segment begins with an update on the Red Cross story we did a few weeks earlier.

Bill Nye joins Brian Wilson on “America’s News HQ” to discuss NASA’s ambitious project to visit an asteroid by 2025. I produced this segment in 2010 and revisited this topic several years later during “America’s News HQ’s” segment “21st Century and Beyond” when more progress was made on the topic.