Welcome to my portfolio. This website encompasses the work I have done throughout my career in journalism.

Currently, I’m a Masters of Mass Communication student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. My focus is broadcast production. I enjoy covering stories relating to international and domestic politics.

Most recently, I worked as an Associate Producer at Fox News Channel. My experience includes working on the Washington Bureau’s editorial and production staff for Fox News Sunday, America’s News Headquarters, and Special Report programs. I was also part of Fox’s White House unit. I have experience generating story ideas, setting up interviews and assembling information for reporters and show staffs. In addition, I have produced live shots for daytime programming, written copy and online content

I hope to apply my newly obtained skills from the Walter Cronkite School to create engaging and interactive news stories for viewers.

My most recent posts on this site will feature projects I have completed throughout my course of study.